As per April 1, 2020 Heartland Sweeteners started an intensive logistic collaboration with Ploeger Logistics. Ploeger will take care of the warehouse operations and the groupage transport ensuring full delivery in time to all Heartland customers in the Benelux. We are delighted as Ploeger is able to meet all our requirements to support our future growth and the predicted expansion of our product- market combinations. The products and customer base from Heartland fits in the distribution network of Ploeger. Heartland will make use of their state of the art warehouse (BREEAM ***** outstanding) and have the support of their up-to-date ICT Transport- and Warehouse management system in which Ploeger invested substantially in the past 2 years. The implementation (including the move), guided by a combined project group (a.o. Diede Paauwe, Rene de Vries), already proved their professionalism and their focus to
completely unburden Heartland in the Supply Chain. I’m convinced that the cooperation
will be a success, not only taken their professional role and commitment into account, but also for both sustainability purposes and, of course, from financial perspective.